Rig Components

Rig Components

A New Standard

Our new generation rigs are equipped with mechanized components that set a new standard in the onshore drilling industry. All our units are designed and manufactured with the highest quality and engineering to ensure complete reliability and satisfaction for our customers.

Cat Walk

  • Safe & efficient handling of tubulars (DP, HWDP, DC, casing)
  • Double range 2 DP & HWDP
  • Single range 3 casing
  • Integrated spinning unit for double stacks
  • Pipe separator and kicker system
  • Integrated walking system
  • Hands-free operations
  • Crane-less & fast rig-up

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– Walking capacity 1,200 tn
– Linear, lateral & spinning mode
– Low ground-bearing pressure
– Precise positioning (5° interval)
– Integrated and covered or attachable system
– Low noise sliding system
– Manual, wired or wireless control
– Customized solution for individual rig design
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– Remote controlled
– Adjustable line pull
– Functional design
– Cylinder operation from a safe location on the rig
– Simplified design / Self contained
– CE / ATEX conformity
– Drillers Cabin Controls on request
– Socket on request
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– Optimized spinner-tool with high torques and adaptable
– Low-pressure pre-centralizing of torque jaws
– Two pipe centralizing rubber wedges plus one front buffer
– Manually operated positioning screw for different pipe diameters
– Second centralizing point ensures a strong wrench jaw grip
– Gateless torque wrench
– Pipe protection system during spinning
– Make-up / break-out torque adjustable
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– Torque transmitting roughneck
– Height adjustable wrench assembly (torque transmitting)
– Height adjustable spinning & stabbing
– Self-centralizing stabbing device
– Integrated mud guard
– Remote control option
– Automated make-up / break-out
– Compact dimensions
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Slip Lifter

– Safe and efficient operations
– Adaption on customer requirements
– Electro-hydraulic remote control
– Functional design
– Hands-free operations
– Control from driller’s control room (optional)
– High maintenance comfort
– Compact dimensions
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